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HIV/AIDS awareness t-shirt I designed for

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World AIDS day on Dec 1st is a reminder that HIV/AIDS affects all of us and it is still a massive international and national issue. Over 1 million people in the US are infected with HIV and approximately 25% of those infected do not know it. It is SO important that we all get tested regularly. For HIV+ individuals it is crucial that we get our blood work done on a regular basis and make sure our treatment is keeping our viral load at an undetecable level. Please check out my HIV educational campaign at Living Positive by Design, supported by Merck.

To remind all of us of this I have designed a t-shirt for Clothing of the American Mind. On the front it says “Love across barriers soothes the heart and cures the soul.” Initially the meaning behind that was to unite HIV- and HIV+ people and remind us that love is a great solution to everything. However the saying can be applied to all difficult, opposite or non-traditional relationships. For the design I played with positive and negative space. The back says “Shame can be fatal. Get tested.”

Shame can be fatal

Shame can be fatal

It may sound harsh but it’s meant to get attention. When people are ashamed of even the possibility of being HIV+ then they are much less likely to get tested and get the medical attention they need. HIV+ individuals need to be vocal about their status until it no longer has the moral judgement attached to it.

50% of the proceeds of the sale of shirts go to benefit NAPWA–National Association of People With Aids—a great organization. Please check out and buy a tee!!

Front graphic

Front graphic

More information below.

Love Across Barriers T-Shirt Designed by Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth

Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of World AIDS Day on December 1, 2008, we’re introducing a new t-shirt in collaboration with POZ Magazine to raise funds for the non-profit, the National Organization for People With AIDS (NAPWA).  Designed by Project Runway standout designer Jack Mackenroth, the message this design conveys is one of universal love and respect and that AIDS is a disease that does not discriminate.  The front reads “Love across barriers soothes the heart and cures the soul” while the back sports the quintessential red AIDS ribbon and reminds that “Shame can be fatal.  Get tested.”  Clothing of the American Mind is thrilled to be working with Jack Mackenroth and is honored to be supporting the essential work of NAPWA.  All Love Across Barriers t-shirts are printed on 100% cotton with environmentally-friendly, water-based inks.  For more information on POZ Magazine or the work that NAPWA is doing, visit and

Women’s T-Shirt
Silver with black and red graphic on front, back & sleeve
Sweatshop-Free :: 100% combed ringspun jersey cotton
Garment dyed & washed; Wash in cold water, dry on low heat or line dry (for no shrinkage)
Sizes Available:  S, M, L & XL
Link to size chart:

Men’s T-Shirt
Powder blue with black and red graphic on front, back & sleeve
Sweatshop-Free :: 100% combed ringspun jersey cotton
Garment washed, classic, relaxed fit; Wash in cold water, dry on low heat or line dry (for no shrinkage)
Sizes Available:  S, M, L, XL & XXL
Link to size chart:

Men’s Vintage T-Shirt
Vintage white destroyed with black and red graphic on front, back & sleeve
Sweatshop-Free :: 100% cotton
Garment dyed & washed; grinded collar, sleeves & bottom hem; Wash in cold water, dry on low heat or line dry (for no shrinkage)
Sizes Available:  S, M, L & XL
Link to size chart:

Go see Milk the movie

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illustration by Glen Hansen

illustration by Glen Hansen

I am In Miami for T-day but I took some time off from tanning and went and saw Milk. Harvey Milk has always been a hero of mine and I thought I knew a fair amount abut him but I learned even more. Sean Penn is amazing. Hello Oscar. All the acting is spectular. Penn truly captures the essence of Harvey Milk from what I have seen of Milk in documentaries. I only cried twice. It was fabulous to see the historic moments in the Castro. I went to UC Berkeley so I love SF. The whole movie is so timely because of Prop 8. It illustrates how far we have come and how far we have to go. I hope the LGBT community stays energized. We need to rbing activism back and fight the multitude of Anita Bryants that exist today. They mentioned in the movie that christians against Prop 6–which protected gay teachers and their supporters from getting fired for sexual orientation–was the first government issue that the christian church really rallied behind. How strange. Can we even imagine the church not forcing their way into almost every controversial issue that exists today? When did we forget about separation of church and state? What would Jesus do? Go see it. It’s amazing. I need a twinkie.

Holiday Gifts on LOGO

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I recently did a segment on LOGO in a cocktail party format. Thank you to John Crocco of Perry Ellis, Daniel Vosovic and John Bartlett for giving me the great items to showcase. It was major fun times. See the NewNowNext page HERE. Enjoy!

It’s officially a party when Project Runway alum/style maven Jack Mackenroth comes dashing in! And he’s here now to kick off this year’s batch of ThanksGIFTing video spots, hyping up Logo’s gift guide mania which is going to flurry across the channel this entire holiday weekend.

Of course, Jack gives fashionable goodies in his own inimitable manner. With sass, style and, well… More sass! Get more dish on the goods he’s delivering after the jump!

First, Jack presents pals Andrew and Matthew (of the cosmetic line Malin + Goetz) with a totally great Perry Ellis weekend bag. A pic of it is below. Nice, right? You can purchse it online at

Perry Ellis weekender bag
Not one to be all surface, Jack also is an avid advocate for the power of the written word. And some gorgeous photos are nice, too. So he’s also giving the new book by his fellow Project Runway veteran, Daniel Vosovic. Here ’tis:

Fashion Inside Out by Daniel Vosovic
And like Jack says in the clip, he was going to give Andrew and Matthew a cute John Bartlett scarf and black V-neck sweater, but it just felt so good, he had to keep it for himself. Can you blame him?

Visit and get your own gift ideas about dashing, manly menswear that’s perfect for holiday giving…

How about a nice John Bartlett flannel plaid throw? This guy (above) sure likes his!

Off to Miami

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Well I’m off to Miami for T-day and I plan to blog a bit when I get the chance but my schedule has been so crazy that I can’t make any promises because I kinda just want to fry on the beach.

My sister sent me this Pee-wee’s playhouse clip. I miss that show. Gettin’ wacky at Pee-wee’s playhouse.

We’re boarding now. I heart Jetblue. Later.

And the opener for the Electric company. Loved that show. All you twenty-somethings totally missed out.

And my all time favorite! I’m not drunk, I just have cerebral palsy. Oh Jerri! You’re crazy!

Shane Mercado does Sasha Fierce!

Posted in The Fierceness on November 19, 2008 by jackmax2

Holla!! This kid is friggin hilare! I’ve been aching to do another video spoof since my flashdance number. I dont have much time to blog in the next couple days but I had to post this. He’s AMAZING.


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