I just received the sweetest email from a viewer.

Hey everyone–I have a lot going on right now for obvious reasons but I try to read and answer all my emails. I’m glad I’m helping some people deal with their HIV status by living openly. Yesterday I received the nicest email and I wanted to post it with his permission. Here it is.


So I’ve been watching you on Project Runway. Congratulations on your
recent victory. But I’m not writing this message because I just know
you are going to be famous some day, or because I love your designs,
or even for the fact tat you are so hot. I am actually writing this
message to let you know that you are my new hero.

All too often, when people lose someone they love or come down with
something terrible like cancer, they give up hope and turn bitter
toward the world. Ever since the show started I noticed that there was
something intriguing about you, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.
Last night’s show revealed that something about you that I have been
racking my brains trying to figure out—your HIV status. WOW, Jack! HIV/
AIDS scares me more than cancer. But I don’t feel sorry for you. Do
you know why? Because you have such a positive outlook on life. When
everyone else is stressing out and fighting about stupid stuff on the
show, you are the one that is always smiling and just going with the
flow of things.

Well, I don’t have to tell you who you are or how you act. You decided
that for yourself a long time ago. But I just wanted to tell you that
you HAVE TO HAVE a lot of support from people all over the United
States. I think you could make such a difference in the lives of
people with life-threatening illnesses. I can’t wait to see how the
season plays out, and Jack, keep spreading your hope and joy around.
People these days need hope more than anything. I can’t wait to read
your memoir.


Thanks to everyone for all the inspiring emails. I hope I make a difference.

Be well.

ox Jack Mack


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