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Official Jack Mackenroth/Heather Tom collaboration

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New Power Couple for Daytime Television

Jack Mackenroth to Create Couture Gown for Nominee Heather Tom’s Emmy Appearance; Dress to be Auctioned off to Benefit AIDS Charities and to Promote National Testing Day

May 20, 2008 – New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA – Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth and Emmy Award-winning star of the Bold and the Beautiful, Heather Tom, are pleased to announce their collaboration on a very special project for the 35th Annual Daytime Emmys on June 20, 2008.  Renowned soap actress Tom wanted to do something special to celebrate her 12th nomination and met with Mackenroth to have him design a one of a kind gown for her Emmy moment.  The pair also decided to help their many friends with HIV, and auction the dress off to benefit three HIV/AIDS charities – AmFar, National Association of People with AIDS, and San Antonio AIDS Foundation.  The auction is perfectly timed to bring attention to National HIV Testing Day on June 27th – one week after the Daytime Emmys.

Tom declares, “This disease is not over yet.  Too many people avoid getting tested and taking care of themselves due to fear.”  Mackenroth backs her up with, “Testing is a big step, but a simple one that could save your life.”

Tom has been involved with HIV/AIDS charities since the beginning of her career on daytime television.  Currently she is a Surrogate on the road for Senator Clinton’s presidential bid.  Mackenroth has been HIV positive for 17 years and became a role model in the community after his appearance on Project Runway’s Season Four.

“We both wanted to make this more than just an evening gown – we wanted to make a statement”, explains Tom.  “The proceeds go to three charities – AmFar, for doing all of the live saving research, the National Association of People with AIDS, for making testing a priority in people’s lives, and the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, for their one of a kind client services in that city.”

People will be able to go to the Clothes Off Our Back site immediately after the Emmys to bid on Mackenroth’s design. Individuals are encouraged to go to, for live links to the auction and to to bid on the gown.

For more information on Jack Mackenroth, please contact Dina Fierro at 212.255.7210 or  For more information on Heather Tom, please contact Thomas DeLorenzo at 323.656.1068 or

amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, is one of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to the support of AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment education, and the advocacy of sound AIDS-related public policy. Since 1985, amfAR has invested $260 million in its programs and has awarded grants to more than 2,000 research teams worldwide.

The San Antonio AIDS Foundation (SAAF) has served the San Antonio and South Texas community with direct services to people infected with HIV and with prevention services to at-risk populations since 1986  SAAF has a unique 36 bed residential skilled nursing/hospice facility, as well case management, rental assistance, dental care, a 3 meals daily congregate dining program, and prevention services.  All services are free to clients.  SAAF also encourages testing and HIV prevention in all its work.

Founded in 1983, National Association of People with AIDS, is the oldest national AIDS organization in the United States. NAPWA provides essential HIV and health treatment information, improves access to HIV care and treatment, and advocates for the needs of both those with HIV and those at-risk for HIV. Our signature programs include National HIV Testing Day, which engages over 10,000 organizations, and AIDSWatch, the nation’s largest grassroots driven HIV advocacy group.

The Clothes Off Our Back Foundation is a 501c3 organization that hosts charity auctions showcasing today’s hottest celebrity attire. Items are put up for bid to the public with proceeds going to benefit children’s charities. Clothes Off Our Back was founded by actors and philanthropists Jane Kaczmarek (“Malcolm In The Middle”) and Bradley Whitford (“The West Wing,” “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”) whose efforts, along with their celebrity and designer friends have helped improve the lives of children across the globe.

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E! News online today!

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May 21, 2008

Today on
in “the awful truth” by ted casablanca
Heart of Sass

Emmy gal from the Bold and the Beautiful Heather Tom and Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth are teaming up for the Daytime Emmys June 20. Jack’s designing a special frock for the gabby, ultragame Heather (who’s getting her 12th nom, so Susan Lucci of her), and the dress will be auctioned off afterward to help in the un-friggin’-believably exhaustive fight against HIV/Aids. Myriad charities will benefit, so spend big, everybody! More deets as they come. By the by, National HIV Testing Day is June 27, excellent timing.

It’s gonna be FLAWLESS!!!

Today’s NY Post/Auf wiedersehen Project Runway

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“After a long process of weighing the pros and cons of returning to Project Runway Season 5, I have decided not to audition again. Though I loved my experience on the show and hope to continue working with Bravo in the future, I really feel that it’s time to start the next chapter of my life. During my short stint on season 4, I was never in the bottom three and I won the menswear challenge, which is my field of expertise, so I feel like I accomplished most of what I started.

I do, however, want to thank all the viewers and vocal fans who have continually voiced their desire to see me back on Season 5. I hope that I haven’t let anyone down, but in the end I came to realize that I could not give up another year of my life. Even my short stint on Project Runway has presented me with so many opportunities ranging from design to television and an area that is closest to my heart, HIV activism. I really couldn’t have asked for more.

I especially want to give thanks to the HIV community, which has been so supportive over the last year. If anything, I hope that I have shown you that it is possible to live successfully with HIV. You have not seen the last of me!

To the next batch of designers on Season 5…sew your hearts out!”

Here’s the article in the Post:




May 18, 2008 — Season five of “Project Runway” – coming in July – will be its last on the New York catwalks before the show gets an overhaul by changing networks (Bravo to Lifetime) and locale (New York to Los Angeles). And what will make this last season even more bittersweet is that the one contestant everyone hoped would return – Jack Mackenroth – won’t be on board.

The Harlem-based designer had to exit the “Runway” early last season due to a potentially deadly staff infection. “Bravo said, ‘You certainly can audition again, but there are no promises,'” says Mackenroth, 39, who was hospitalized for five days after leaving in the middle of the fifth challenge.

“To re-audition, I couldn’t have brought the same [clothes]. I would’ve had to make new pieces, which is a huge investment in time and money. In the end, I decided I just couldn’t give up another year of my life.”Bravo hasn’t released the names of the new designers, which begins filming in June. But Mackenroth’s absence will probably be a big disappointment for passionate “Runway” fans.

His story has to be one of the most poignant in the show’s history: After showing great promise by winning the menswear design challenge, Mackenroth entered the sewing room with Tim Gunn and announced that he had a MRSA infection in his nose and would have to quit.

“It was just so scary,” says another season four contestant, Mackenroth’s friend Kit Pistol, recalling his sudden illness. Mackenroth was recently in Los Angeles visiting Pistol, who is the stylist for “Dancing With The Stars” co-host Samantha Harris.

“You’re in this crazy world where you don’t have your cell phone to call home,” says Pistol. “You don’t have your family or close friends and you’re not feeling well. And there’s all this pressure. I know Jack had auditioned [for] season three and then to be accepted [for] season four and not make it through due to health reasons was just crushing.”

But Mackenroth, who is HIV positive, knew he couldn’t take chances. He says, “I’d had this once before, in my leg, and it’s really resistant to antibiotics,” adding that a staff infection is something anyone can get and has no relation to HIV.

“The larger issue,” says Mackenroth, “is that it’s a really contagious bacteria. The producers were trying to make it work. They were going to have a special sewing machine that only I would use. But I was like, ‘Am I going to be selfish and just hope that no one else will get this?'”

So he decided to put his scissors down. “I remember we were standing by the elevators, just before we went in, and Tim was trying to comfort me because I was crying,” says Mackenroth. “And he said, ‘Listen, you’re very talented. Everything happens for a reason.’ And at the time I thought, ‘That’s a load of crap.’ Because at that moment, it didn’t feel that way. But things do happen for a reason. There was an outpouring of support. And a lot of opportunities have come my way.”

Mackenroth has a cameo in the new “Sex & The City” movie. He’s designing a red carpet dress for Heather Tom, a cast member of the soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” And he’s up for a job with a booming, Tokyo-based, Gap-like company called Uniqlo. “The show was amazing for me,” he says. “For one thing, people answer my phone calls.”