Recap of Project Runway Drag episode

With a notorious cackle we are off on one of the most fabulous Project Runway challenges of all time: Drag Queens! Yippee!!! I would have loved [to design for] this challenge. Overdesign and then overdesign some more. Cover it with glue and throw feathers and sequins. Festoon and bedazzle and then light it on fire! It would seem that a designer couldn’t go wrong. There were some flawless creations and then a
fair share of snoozeville.

First of all, I have to say that these “girls” were the real deal. I know all of their names from the drag circuit and they were not playing games. Hedda Lettuce, Sherry Vine and Varla Jean in one room? It doesn’t get better than that. I’m surprised that no one lost a limb. And the fact that the outfits were auctioned off to benefit Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS is even more amazing. This challenge really illustrated what a true art form drag can be. or not. By the way–who knew that Varla was so good looking outta drag? Yes ma’am!

Before I get to the outfits I need to have a moment of silence for Blayne and his “liciousness”. Honestly I threw up in my mouth a little. It left me longing for someone to talk in the third person. Really Blayne? Jack says please stop.

Then I thought it was hilarious that Joe seemed so flummoxed by the concept of designing drag. He finally reconciled the challenge by comparing it to designing Halloween costumes for his daughters. I’m scared to see what his daughters look like on Halloween. In any case, where has he been designing? Isn’t he from Chicago? Didn’t he go to prom in the 80’s? There’s drag for you right there. More metallic puff sleeves than you can swing a dead cat at.

So everyone seems to be equally excited and frazzled. Terri loves drag queens and I love Terri. Suede goes head to head with Hedda but it all works out in a swirl of neon green. His outfit is cute but it looks a bit similar to her original costume. I don’t know what she was complaining about. Toss that salad out!

When Tim Gunn announced that the “models” only had one hour in hair and make-up I almost choked on my Klondike bar. Thank the gods of Aqua Net that the girls came into Parsons with their faces on. Hello, Krylon!

Anyhoo – RuPaul is the guest judge and she looks a little rough around the edges. You betta work that rat’s nest of a wig! So, onto the runway show. Kenley‘s outfit is nice but not original, Blayne’s is good with a slight wardrobe malfunction. Leanne needs more umph – in general. With the exception of the final six designers, I don’t really remember the others. ‘Nuf said.

I think Jerrell should not have been in the bottom three. His design was not the most amazing, but his muse was not that over the top to begin with. I thought the collar pop at the end of the runway was a nice touch.

For me, the worst outfit of the evening was Keith’s. His look was for the queen of glam, the gal with the gams – Ms. Sherry Vine. They were supposed to “portray the persona” of the model they picked. Keith had first pick! His outfit was drab and ripped once again and there was really nothing glam about it. I would have lead him to the shredder. Daniel is a bit delusional but I thought his flamenco dress worked for his model to a certain degree. It wasn’t outlandish enough but it showed some skill. It was a close call.

Onto the fabulousness! Once again, Terri is shafted. I loved her crocheted mop top, her Olympic blazer and her look for Brooke Shields last week. However, she gets no love. Her costume for Acid Betty was immaculate perfection. It was totally on point for Betty’s persona. It was well made and ultra-innovative. I adored it but she is just safe again. Korto‘s dress was fierce as well and every drag queen loves an outfit that transforms. Work it for the big girls, Sweetie. For someone who has never designed for drag queens, Korto totally got it. Joe did a good job as well, and he has been very consistent since his pasta skirt in the first challenge, but I just thought the pink jumpsuit was a tad bit safe. It was adorable and classic Varla but clearly outshined by Terri’s creation. I think Ms. Terri has a little drag queen inside her. She betta make it work!

Below is a photo of me and 2 friends at Wigstock in the 90’s. I’m on the left. I made all 3 outfits in 2 days. OX

Wigstock 1999 --Las Vegas show girl butterflies on rollerblades

Wigstock 1999 --Las Vegas show girl butterflies on rollerblades


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