Fashion Week Q and A with FashionPulse

This is just a quick Q and A I did with Fashion Pulse about my experience at New York fashion week and all the craziness!

1)    Who was your favorite celebrity sighting? My absolute most favorite celeb sighting was at the Patrica Field fashion show! First of all it was a fabulous party atmosphere put on by MAO PR full of drag queens and fashion superstars. I was in the front row sandwiched between Judith Light, Becki Newton, Ana Ruiz and Vanessa Williams (all from Ugly Betty) they were so hilarious and nice.



2)    What collection just completely blew you away during NY fashion Week?

I have to say my favorite collection was Christian Siriano. I was so proud of him I cried like a baby. He took his concepts to a whole new level. The construction was so complicated and gorgeous. He took the concept of puff sleeves and opened them up into strips of fabric. So fierce. Every look was absolutely amazing! I also loved Rubin Singer and for men I thought John Crocco pulled out an amazing collection for Perry Ellis. He really pushed the aesthetic of the Perry Ellis brand and was more fashion forward then I’ve ever seen. I loved the khaki fabric with the embroidered polka dots. I missed Diane Von Furstenberg and I was so bummed. I heart her!

3)    Which collection did you see was most “out there,” politely speaking?

Hmmmm. I have to say the I know Alexandre Herchcovitch was putting on a conceptual show and that a lot of pieces were very interesting. I just didn’t see much that was wearable. The crotch ruffles garnered an audible gasp from the audience. I got to sit next to Alicia Sacramone from the Olympic gymnastics team so I had more fun with that.
Alicia Sacramone

Alicia Sacramone

4)    Can you reveal something funny you overheard inside of the tents? I once overheard someone talking “trash” about the designer, unbeknownst to the “trash talker” that the designer’s family was sitting right next to her!

I know some of the designers from other seasons were talking smack about the Project Runway finalists and all their families were right in front of them. I was hanging out with Martin Ritchie, the deaf model on Janice Dickinson’s Modeling agency and we were signing that the Rock and Republic collection was terribly boring so anyone who new sign language within eye view may have “overhead” us.

Martin Ritchie from JDMA

Martin Ritchie from JDMA

OOPS! Everyone in fashion loves to rip and it’s all objective. There is no right answer when it comes to style.

5)    What was your favorite freebie?
Ooooh–Perry Ellis gave out a fab bottle of cologne. I got an MP3 player at the Valentino party and a gorgeous watch at the opening of the Fossil store on 34th street.
6)    Was there a particular trend you saw that you loved?
It seemed like the season of the paillette. I saw leaf shaped paillettes, clear paillettes, matte and shiny–all different shapes and sizes. I loved it.  I also think the trend of sheer and flowy fabrics is here to stay. It was everywhere. Also–harem pants–EWWWWWWW. They were everywhere. Not cute.
7)    Had any weird requests or comments from fans that you met duringt the week?
Not really. People come up to me every once in a while and ask me to make a dress for them like I’m just sitting around doing nothing so that’s a little strange to deal with that. But mostly people just want photos which I think is loads of fun.
8)   How did you “decompress” after fashion week? (I headed out of town, even if it was just to Connecticut, for the weekend!)
You know what? I didn’t get to at all. The next day I had to write a speech and power point presentation for The US Conference on AIDS in Fort Lauderdale. I left 3 days after fashion week and just got back. Now I have to make a wedding dress out of 4000 white condoms for the Condom Couture fashion show for an Evening of Hope HIV benefit in San Francisco on Oct 15th.  Then I have to make a chocolate Wonder Woman costume with Zac Young, the pastry chef from Butter, for the Chocolate show on November 6th. Woo Hoo!!
9)    We heard that you and Kevin Christiana have something in the works – can you reveal a bit about it to us?
Yes–It’s very exciting. We are co-hosts and co-designers on a new “re-design” show where we work with one female candidate each episode and we ambush her wardrobe and remake some fabulous creations. It’s a little bit Project Runway meets Queer Eye (with only one queer) and it has a really cute hook that makes it original. Thats about all I can say, but Monument TV and Film is on board and Hearst Entertainment is loving the idea so hopefully it’s going to happen. They love the different perspectives of one gay man and one straight man. We also hope to rope in some of our favorite designers througout the season. Its gonna be a blast. More to come on that. I’m also working really hard on the pitch piece for the show which we pitch to 5 networks in the beginning of October. It’s so exciting
10)    When you have your next show, who are the three people you would most definitely have in the front row?
If I ever show at Bryant Park I would want my mom, Tim Gunn and Linda Evangelista sitting in the fron row.
11)    And last, of all, we’d love for you to analyze three looks from New York Fashion week for us: can you tell us in 1-2 sentences anything that immediately strikes you about the construction, color composition, difficulty, overall styling/aesthetic, etc! Do you love the look, hate it, or are neutral
Herve Leger

Herve Leger

#1 I am a child of the 80-s nand 90s and I loved the original Herve Leger and I am digging the update. I takes a killer bod to wrap yourself in ace bandages but I love the shimmer and it would make a woman look gorge! #2  Like I mentioned earlier I thought this collection was very conceptual rather than wearable. I liked some of the prints and some of the great military details but I don’t think you will be seeing crotch ruffles on the streets any time soon.

William Rast

William Rast

#3 I really like this look by William Rast. I would wear the entire look. Denim seems to be moving away from the overdone back pocketing and the dark washed and back to the distressed look of the 80’s. love the tee and the jacket.


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