Obama RULES! Palin fools.



So it looks like the swing states are a-swingin’ in Obama’s favor due in large part to the current economic shame spiral and the fact that Sarah Palin is a national embarrassment.  Finally!!!! I love how the standards for judging Palin’s rhetoric have been set so low since the Katie Couric fiasco that even when she just regurgitates the scripts she has been force fed the republicans rejoice. UGH. Anyway–I’m still nervous. We can’t be complacent. We need to push harder than ever. I heard a rumor that republicans are sending out missionaries to the polling sites to visually profile voters and try to dissuade potential democrats by telling them blatant lies about voter registration. DEMOCRATS PERSEVERE!! This may or may not be true but whatever it takes get you butt in a polling booth. We are about a month away so keep this momentum going!! Check out this amazing international poll which demonstrates the world’s opinion on who should be the president. I don’t know why this isn’t front page news, but it’s pretty amazing. And if you haven’t seen Tina Fey’s imitation of Palin than you haven’t lived. And here. ROCK THE VOTE!!

Added note from a friend:

Hi All,
I know the email that you all have been receiving about wearing Obama gear to the polls on voting day sounds like it’s from a concerned supporter, but we have to keep in mind that no one can keep you from voting based on what you wear.  Some of you already know this, but, for those of you who may be unsure of exactly what the rules are, to be clear – wearing a piece of Obama clothing will not keep you from voting.
Most states allow voters to wear whatever they want when they go to the polls as long as they don’t do any “electioneering” (i.e. you cant stand in the polling placing shouting “vote for Obama” or pas out leaflets).  Electioneering is illegal w/i 100 feet of a polling place.  Even the handful of states that don’t allow campaign gear at the polls still have to allow you to vote if you take off your campaign button for a couple minutes or put a jacket over your T-shirt.
Below is the “official” statement about this issue which can be found on the Obama campaign website.  Please pass this email on to your friends and family who may have received the email about wearing Obama gear to the polls or tell them to go to http://my.barackobama.com/tshirtrumor to get more details and help spread the truth about your right to vote.

Together we can make sure these deceptive emails don’t affect this election.

Any registered voter who meets his or her state’s requirements to vote has the right to cast a ballot at the polls on Election Day, regardless of what he or she is wearing. Wearing a piece of Obama clothing will not keep you from voting.

Political experts are already calling deceptive email rumors to the contrary for what they are — shadowy, harmful voter suppression techniques


Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, called the barrage of e-mails “a dirty trick” aimed at suppressing Democratic voters.

“It is terribly wrong,” Sabato said. “Tragically, it is all too common. One would hope the people responsible could be caught and prosecuted.”

It is true that in some states, wearing campaign gear is not allowed at the polls — but no matter what, your vote cannot be taken away from you. At most you will have to take off a button or put a jacket over a T-shirt (or go to the restroom and turn it inside out).

Since different states have different rules, you should direct any questions to your state’s secretary of state or county election officials. Election officials in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina have already issued statements reaffirming that wearing campaign gear will not keep anyone from voting.

Don’t let these email rumors keep you from voting or showing your support for Barack.

Thanks for your help.


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