Project Inform fashion show in San Francisco

I just completed the first leg of the October whirlwind US tour.  Wednesday night (Oct 17th) was Project Inform’s Evening of Hope fashion show to raise money for the organization. It was an amazing night. There were about 300 guests and the live auction alone raised over 25,000 dollars. Project Inform provides much needed resources for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Bay area. This years event was especially interesting because they went in a new direction by having a fashion show where designers showcased some of their work and then one original look made out of condoms or the wrappers. There were some really creative looks from designers. I’m sure photos will be posted on their website very soon. I worked with the most fabulous model named Erin Leeper from City Models. She was SO sweet and gorgeous and donated her time for the charity event. As you can see from the photos she knew how to work that dress. She was equally as amazing on the runway so if anyone in the Bay area needs a fierce model then you should definitely book Erin ASAP!

I made this gown out of 2000 condom wrappers and a hell of a lot of hot glue. Even the bouquet is made of condoms. I was the MC of the event which included the fashion show, the live auction a 3 course dinner and a fabulous drag performance. It was a smashing success and I met some really cool people. I also have to give a shout out to the staff at the Intercontinental hotel for the amazing service. Thanks guys!!

I left the next day to fly to Hotlanta. I will never fly United again. They BLOW. 15 bucks to check your bag. 60 dollars for a seat with more legroom. I ended up with an aisle seat next to the bathrooms so I got to chat with people waiting to poop for 4 hours. Good times. I heart Jetblue even more now.

So I’m at the W in Atlanta now and it’s fierce. I just ran into Ludacris in the elevator–not kidding. He even said “wassup?” I think the BET awards are here or something. Anyway—I’m speaking for my HIV education program, sponsored by Merck, Living Positive by Design in just a few hours so I need to go spackle on my make-up!  Please go to the myspace page and add yourself to our friends list!

XX I’m out. (duh)

Oh yeah–A reminder for everyone in California to vote NO on Proposition 8 which would take away the right for same sex couples to marry. You better let us get married or we will stop making your damn wedding gowns.


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  1. Hey Jeck!

    I loved your wedding gown! The show was truly amazing and loved that you were the host! Hope to see you again back in the city to hang out and talk a little more.


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  3. Nice blog, keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. 🙂

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