Drew Barrymore’s Halloween Extravaganza

So apparently Kit Pistol, Kevin Christiana and I are not fabulous enough to be invited to Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party that was held this year at Oak 1. Christian Siriano and Austin Scarlett were in attendance with a couple other celebs. So we decided to high tail it to LA and go to Drew Barrymore’s party at her house in the hills. It was FLAWLESS!! It was great because it was very contained and there were only about 300 guests at the peak of the party. My good friend Rex Tegelaar used to work with her so we wangled our way into the fete. The security was ridiculous and understandably so. I went as Michael Phelps, Kevin was Rocky from the first movie and Kit was a super sexy leopard. She looked smokin’! There was a professional photography grave yard set, so we had photos taken which should be posted here soon. At one point Kit and Kevin and I were dancing on the dance floor and I stopped and said “Can you believe that just over a year ago we were just designing in obscurity and now were are dancing 12 inches away from Mary-Kate Olson (and her body guard)?” It was a trip. I chatted with Ricki Lake who I had met at the ProjRun season 5 wrap party and she was really sweet. Other superstars in attendance were Liv Tyler as Charlie Chaplin, Cameron Diaz, Ellen Page, Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks, Anne Hathaway as a gorgeous corpse bride, Amanda Bynes, Orlando Bloom and Natalie Portman (together?), Justine Bateman, Grant Show, Crispin Glover, Britney Spears as a witch, Bradley Cooper, Robin Antin of Pussycat Dolls fame, and rapper Eve. I’m sure there were tons more, but costumes were required so who knows who was there. I’m not easily star struck but celebs were everywhere. Everyone I spoke to was super nice although MK and Cameron refused to have pictures taken. I get it though. They must be hounded 24/7. My camera broke right before we went out so I was SO bitter. Rex got all the good photos. Drew’s house was decorated as the set of The Birds and there were black crows everywhere. She was dressed as Tippy Hedron but took her costume off early. There was another Tippy at the party so maybe she didn’t want to duplicate. Anyhow–much fun was had by all and I am so thankful to Drew and Chris Miller for making it all happen. Here are some fab photos! Definitely the best Halloween ever. Eat it Heidi!


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  1. Rex has really pretty hair.

  2. Michelle Bell Says:

    Jack! It was awesome meeting you, Kevin and Kit at the party. You were fab and SOOO Michael Phelps. It was especially funny when you and Kevin jumped in the pool. I am soo bummed your camera broke because we all took a pic! But, I relate because my camera broke too. Take care -MB (as Winehouse)

  3. What was Orlando Bloom dressed up as???? How cool to party with him!

  4. i love your costumes!!! they’re so original!!! I’m really curious to know what ellen page dressed up as?

  5. Holly flying macaroni batman, I think I’m in love!

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