Barack the Vote!!!!

Yeah!!! I just voted! I live in Harlem and you can feel the excitement. I think if you were a vocal McCain supporter you would have been tackled. It was really exciting being a part of history so I documented as much of it as I could. They still have not streamlined the voting process but I was happy to wait and hour even tho New York is Obama all the way. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a national landslide Obama victory. And Lord do we need it. I guess I can unpack my U-haul bound for Canada.

Apparently the first town that counts their votes has already published their results:

Dixville Notch, NH, gives us (per tradition) our first real results of the 2008 election:

Obama: 15
McCain: 6

In 2004:

Bush 19
Kerry 7

Good start, huh? Especially considering this little hamlet in the middle of nowhere (pop. 75) is quite Republican:


Bush 21
Gore 5


It’s gonna be poppin’ up in Harlem tonight!!


Soon this will all be over and icky Sarah Palin will become an embarrassing footnote in American politics. I think she has delusions of running for president in 2012 but my prediction is that the republicans will turn on her and she will barely be heard from again. Yeah!

Off to a fitting with Jaslene Gonzalez from America’s Next Top Model. What an exciting day!!


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  1. I just Baracked my vote and went to Starbucks for my free coffee. YES WE CAN!!!!!

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