Proposition 8 New York City Hall protest

Lucy supports same-sex marriage

Lucy supports same-sex marriage

I just came from the NY prop 8 protest/demonstration at City Hall and it was truly inspiring. If there is anything good that has come from the idiotic YES vote on California’s Proposition 8, it’s that the gays are re-energized and mobilized. I think we had become complacent under the heinous Bush administration. We seemed almost comfortable being ignored for the most part and knowing that any action would fall on deaf ears. But with the election of Obama–we will be quiet NO MORE. It’s a new day!!

It’s clear that we will no longer accept second class citizenship. Civil Unions are not equal. If we are relegated to that status then we shouldn’t have to pay the same taxes as everyone else. (Something Melissa Etheridge mentioned on Oprah.) There are also plans in the works for another peaceful protest called “A Day Without Gays” where gay people around the country would just not participate in society at all for one day and see what the outcome would be. I think the rest of the country would quickly come to understand what a valuable part of the population we are. Let me make it clear that I am not “straight-bashing” in any way shape or form. Some of my favorite rally signs were those that said “Str8s against H8” or some version thereof. We need our straight brothers and sisters to help us as much as possible. We need to heal and come together as ONE nation. All I can say is that if “A Day Without Gays” happens, I feel sorry for any heterosexual weddings planned for that day. No flowers, no cake, no dresses, no planner and probably no priest. Buzzkill.

I went to the rally with my good friend Matt Francis (Lucy’s dad) and we kept notes on some of our fave protest signs. Those wacky gays sure can be creative.

Me and Matt

Me and Matt

My top 5 were:

5. Who would Jesus H8?

4. Focus on your own family!

3. Remember Jesus had two dads. (God and Joseph)

2. Brigham Young had 55 wives. I only want one.

….and my favorite!!

1. Don’t tell me I can’t register at Saks.

There were so many people there that we couldn’t even see the stage but there were some inspiring speeches blasting from loud speakers. The new york city sight seeing buses got quite an earful as they drove by. Everyone seemed very supportive. They positive energy was palpable and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Hopefully we keep the great



Obama buzz going.

I got a cool email from with some really inspiring messages of hope and change from members. Here are a few.

“Keep pushing forward, dont look back, start our promising future today.”—Fred C., Redwood City, CA

“We need to continue the same level of involvement and commitment to whatever this Presidency needs of us to accomplish all that we believe can be done. Yes we can, Yes we did, and Yes we will!”—Judith C., Salem, MA

“Let’s make sure we stay on track! If we can keep this energy up and care about what’s going on instead of just saying ‘it’s all just politics,’ we can truly enjoy the benefits of living in a democracy!” —Courtney H. Boulder, CO

“We have to be prepared to go through with whatever we need to—even if that means some sacrifice. Obama will lead the way!”—Sarah A., Greer. SC

“We should stand by Obama and our country and work together to create change in this country. We can not rely solely on him to do all of the work but instead work together as a nation to implement change.”—Debria S.

“Keep the dream alive. People need to realize that change MUST begin with us, the people!!!”—Tamra W., Woodward, OK

“Mobilize to volunteer for our communities- we can continue to forward our agenda and demonstrate our strength in our numbers and in our commitment to what is needed and what is right.”—Emilee A. Portland, OR

“Let Barack know that we stand ready to go to work. Take advantage of our energy and enthusiasm for the common good, put us to work.”—Jeff R., Boulder, CO

“Stay connected and continue to volunteer where needed in your community to bring about the progress we desperately need; remembering that love is the most powerful force of all!”—Wendy, Aventura. FL

“Be willing to work with him and make personal sacrifice for the good of our country and our children’s future.”


In true camp fashion however, the chants of “What do we want? Equal Rights! When do we want them? NOW!” Quickly morphed into, “What do we want? Starbucks! When do we want it? NOW!” and Proposition 8 quickly became referred to as Preparation H. But we all meant well. We just needed some caffeine to help keep energized and some topical cream to keep our buns in protest mode. Good times. I am anxious to hear about the rest of the protests around the nation. Keep it up!!

Protest ensemble

Protest ensemble



Keith Olberman on Prop 8



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  1. I lOVE LUCY.

  2. fantastic post! was there myself. one thing though … Barack does not support gay marriage. i’m not sure why we are so thrilled about him. as opposed to mccain who would have not done anything to thwart us or obama who will not do anything to help us, i’m not sure what the difference is in the two candidates as far as gay marriage was concerned. half of obama’s constituency took the opportunity to vote YES on 8. campaign strategists predicted this a long time ago about his supporters because he continually spouts his rhetoric about only supporting civil untions and that GOD is in his marriage but not mine.

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