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I recently did a segment on LOGO in a cocktail party format. Thank you to John Crocco of Perry Ellis, Daniel Vosovic and John Bartlett for giving me the great items to showcase. It was major fun times. See the NewNowNext page HERE. Enjoy!

It’s officially a party when Project Runway alum/style maven Jack Mackenroth comes dashing in! And he’s here now to kick off this year’s batch of ThanksGIFTing video spots, hyping up Logo’s gift guide mania which is going to flurry across the channel this entire holiday weekend.

Of course, Jack gives fashionable goodies in his own inimitable manner. With sass, style and, well… More sass! Get more dish on the goods he’s delivering after the jump!

First, Jack presents pals Andrew and Matthew (of the cosmetic line Malin + Goetz) with a totally great Perry Ellis weekend bag. A pic of it is below. Nice, right? You can purchse it online at

Perry Ellis weekender bag
Not one to be all surface, Jack also is an avid advocate for the power of the written word. And some gorgeous photos are nice, too. So he’s also giving the new book by his fellow Project Runway veteran, Daniel Vosovic. Here ’tis:

Fashion Inside Out by Daniel Vosovic
And like Jack says in the clip, he was going to give Andrew and Matthew a cute John Bartlett scarf and black V-neck sweater, but it just felt so good, he had to keep it for himself. Can you blame him?

Visit and get your own gift ideas about dashing, manly menswear that’s perfect for holiday giving…

How about a nice John Bartlett flannel plaid throw? This guy (above) sure likes his!


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