Go see Milk the movie

illustration by Glen Hansen

illustration by Glen Hansen

I am In Miami for T-day but I took some time off from tanning and went and saw Milk. Harvey Milk has always been a hero of mine and I thought I knew a fair amount abut him but I learned even more. Sean Penn is amazing. Hello Oscar. All the acting is spectular. Penn truly captures the essence of Harvey Milk from what I have seen of Milk in documentaries. I only cried twice. It was fabulous to see the historic moments in the Castro. I went to UC Berkeley so I love SF. The whole movie is so timely because of Prop 8. It illustrates how far we have come and how far we have to go. I hope the LGBT community stays energized. We need to rbing activism back and fight the multitude of Anita Bryants that exist today. They mentioned in the movie that christians against Prop 6–which protected gay teachers and their supporters from getting fired for sexual orientation–was the first government issue that the christian church really rallied behind. How strange. Can we even imagine the church not forcing their way into almost every controversial issue that exists today? When did we forget about separation of church and state? What would Jesus do? Go see it. It’s amazing. I need a twinkie.


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  1. I saw Milk over the weekend and I loved it. I hope everyone who sees it is inspired. I cried twice too. Enjoyed seeing James Franco nude in the pool! I’m a myspace friend from Atlanta—I love your work. You’re a fascinating person.

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