Grace Jones in your face


I friggin love Grace Jones. I am anxiously awaiting the release of her first album in 19 years, Hurricane.

The reviews have been mixed. Here are some fabulous recent photos by Andrea Klarin. One think about Grace is that she continues to be strikingly gorgeous and timeless. I have three Grace Jones encounters in my illustrious past. The first was in 1989 at the White Party in Palm Springs. She was the main performer for the biggest party of the weekend. She was scheduled to go on stage at 1 am and finally stagggered out at about 4:30 am and poorly lipsynched through 2 or 3 songs. I was at the front of the stage and was even splattered by a bit of Grace flop sweat. Good Times.


The second time I saw Grace in person  was at a San Francisco dive bar called the EndUp. It’s been around forever and it used to open up at 6 am on Sunday morning so all the crack heads would have somewhere to go after partying all night on Saturday. Let’s just say that in the late 80’s and early nineties I found myself there on many a Sunday morn. On one particular morning Ms. Jones was off her face and splashing around fully clothed in the outdoor fountain. Too bad this was way before digital photography opr I might of had some great photos. Even then she was mesmerizing.

Fast forward about 6 years to a bar in New Yorks upper east side called the Works. Like much of the rest of the best New York night life, it no longer exists but it used to be a hoot. One night I met a really drunk guy who tried to impress me by claiming he was her manager. Being a slave to the rhythm myself I managed to wangle her phone number out of him. I promptly left the bar with my liquid courage and called the number. To my suprise her voicemail picked up and it was actually her number! I was too shy to leave a message so I just hung up.


Heres a video of the title track Hurricane.

And here’s a montage of beautiful boys edited to her song “I’m Not Perfect”.


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