Interior Designer Serge Van Lian: Breaking the Rules

SVL column 6a Do you remember a time when you were punished for breaking the rules?

It was fun acting out, but getting caught was the worst. Well, when you’re designing your home you can break as many rules as you want and get away with it!

First, it’s important to know what breaking the rules means in the context of interior design: trying new things, embracing change, thinking multi-dimensionally, and not being influenced by friends or popular trends.

Many interior spaces look the same because people are scared of change and trying new things. Maybe you thought about painting your bedroom ceiling a darker color than your walls, but your friend took a look at the color cards and said it would make the room look too small. Did you ever stop to think that could be just what the room needs? Dark luxurious colors on your walls with an even darker ceiling will make your sleepy abode intimate, cozy, and sexy. As much as you love your friends, don’t forget, it’s your home! I recommend using Ralph Lauren textured paint (River Rock or Suede) on your walls and Ralph Lauren metallic paint on the ceiling. It’s gorgeous!

Also, it’s helpful to start thinking multi-dimensionally when it comes to picking furniture. An old card catalog or chest could be used as a coffee table or a bench. When you start using pieces for different functions than their intended purpose it triggers innovative design ideas and gives your dwelling a creative edge.

On a side note, I stumbled upon a few sites this week that could have some great little finds for your place…check these out: Lekker Home, 2 Modern, and Plexi-Craft!

Good luck breaking convention in home decor!

-Serge Van Lian

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