Our Family dog Leo is a star!


My sister Sarah took this adorable photo of our family dog Leo and entered it into the Seattle PI newspaper MySeattlePets contest. Today she got this email:

Dear Sarah,

Exciting news! Your awesome dog Leo has been selected as a finalist in the MySeattlePets holiday photo contest!!! Tell your friends to come to seattlepi.com to vote for your pet by Sunday night – December 21st. The winners will be announced December 22nd.

As a finalist in the contest, Leo’s photo will also be displayed by the Downtown Seattle Association on the side of a building at 5th and Pine in Westlake Park, starting at 4:30 p.m each day. The finalist photos will rotate through the outdoor display through the end of the contest. You can check in here to see if your photo has been selected for the downtown display on a particular day: http://www.downtownholidays.com/gallery.php

Thanks so much for participating in the myseattlepets photo contest. Your photos are my favorite part of my job! He is one of 10 finalists.

Happy Holidays,


So please click HERE and vote for Leo. If he wins he gets 50 bucks and he needs a new pair of legwarmers.


3 Responses to “Our Family dog Leo is a star!”

  1. Thanks Bro. Leo

  2. Adorable! Leo is obviously the cutest. I’m posting this to BPR. Good luck Leo!!!!

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