Our family dogs get more press than I do.

Not long ago I posted a fun contest about the cutest Christmas dog photo which was held in Seattle, Washington. My sister Sarah, who is quite the photographer submitted this gorgeous photo of one of our dogs Leo.1

We’ll out of all the photos submitted Leo won and was modeling in the Seattle P.I. the very next week.

Well recently I introduced sarah to the hilarious site “Pets who want to kill themselves.” Don’t worry PETA freaks–it’s very cute, though some of the outfits are a bit telling about their owners.

Anyway, Sarah submitted a photo of out other dog Sadie dressed as Michael Phelps on Halloween. I believe she was carrying a bong in her doggie bag. That Sadie! She’s always carrying. I always though it was strange how many treats she could snarf.

Anyway–the site published it. Hilarious. Go Sadie!



I hope she doesn’t lose her lucrative endorsements.


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  1. A Great post on Pets here dude, I own a cute little puppy and she is the best of all.. Takes me to the olden times when she used to be so small she used to fit in my palm 🙂

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