New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2009


We’ll it’s here again! The Bryant Park tents are up for the last time before they move to Lincoln Center. The models are emaciated, the editors are frenetic and the designers are popping Xanax in a mad last minute panic. Fashion week officially starts today, Friday the 13th (oooooooh), but the festivities kicked off yesterday.

I braved the cold and ridiculous wind–my hair was a hot mess–all for the fashion frenzy that is about to crash land in NYC. My day started with a fabulous installation by ubertalented super cutie Jillian Lewis my friend and fellow Project Runway Season 4 designer.


She is known for her amazingly tailored coats and knitwear and she did not disappoint. Opting not to do a full fashion show she did an installation down on Little West 12th street. It was great because you could go up and chat with the models. She told me that her inspiration came from her residence which is covered in graffiti and overlooks railroad tracks. The futuristic industrial feel was readily apparent. I think her pieces were even more gorgeous than her final collection for Project Runway. She believes that, “clothes can be editorial and still wearable.” And she proved it with her collection. Her favorite piece in the show was this coat on the left. It’s gorgeous.


However, my favorite was the charcoal, fringe sleeve, knitted gown on the black model at the top of the group.


Rock on Jillian!!


Next I was back into the windy streets to the John Bartlett show. He is one of my favorite designers because I have a special soft spot for menswear designers—well–since I am, technically, a man. John is adorable and SO sweet. He shows his collection in his home in the West Village. How cool is that? I was tempted to steal some tchotchkes because his place is fabulous but my man purse was pretty full with hair product and eyelash curlers. Just playin’.


John told me that he took inspiration from 30’s movies especailly one called “The Wild Boys of the Road.”  It sounds like a great name for a porn but apparently it’s about a bunch of frat boys during the depression (kinda like now) who just ride the rails (and probably make out a lot). By the end of the movie their clothes are kind of beaten up and worn in. He also stressed that he believes in making clothes for the american built man and not the skinny euro boys. AMEN!!!  In his words he said he paid special attention to “the big muscular ass.”  The pants were perfectly fitted to show off that attribute. My favorite pieces were wool jackets with epaulettes and pleated back details. He is wearing pieces from his collection in the photo above. I must note that is appears to be the season of the vest for men. John showed some gorgeous ones. Me like. John also is launching Claiborne by John Bartlett and has a retail store on 7th ave in the village which he works in every Sunday so pop in and say hey! I will be interviewing him later this week for LOGO’s PopLab so look forward to that airing on February 25th.

Speaking of models…this is my eternal quandry when watching menswear shows. I really want to look at the clothes but my eyes wander up to the models faces. I can’t help it. They are impossibly flawless. Luckily I took lots of photos.


SO HOT. I tried to keep my composure. However I almost lost it when I met Chad White outside before the show. In my not-so-humble opinion he is the closest thing we have to a male supermodel these days. I asked if I could take his photo and he was so incredibly nice. I love that. We love you Chad.

Chad before the John Bartlett show

Chad before the John Bartlett show

Chad White in the show.

Chad White in the show.

My last show of the day was an istallation by up and coming menswear designer Miguel Antoinne. He is a friend of mine and again, I love a menswear designer. Both John and Miguel said they stick to menswear becasue they just “get” how to dress a man. I concur.


He says he was inspired by the “bad boy ganster” type from the 1920’s. His work has a refined, modern elegance. I LOVED the attention to tailoring and detailing. He used zippers as trims and used a lot of leather insets. The pieces were all fitted impeccably. The whole presentation was very impressive for a first showing to the sharks of fashion week. Good Luck Miguel!!

Miguel in fron of some of his looks

Miguel in front of some of his looks

Hot clothes on HOT boys. YUM.

Hot clothes on HOT boys. YUM.

Handsome Miguel Antoinne

Handsome Miguel Antoinne

I finished off the day with an appearance at the Genre magazine party at Mr. Black. I only stayed for a second because the fashion marathon is about to ensue. Thank God for caffeine and crack.



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  1. Who’s Chad White? Yum.

  2. Miguel Antoinne’s collection looks brilliant…very cool. Looks like a lot of luxury fabrics and supurb detail. Congratulations to him and wish him success!

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