HIVplus: Jack Mackenroth Takes HIV Message to the Big Easy

Jack Mackenroth Takes HIV Message to the Big Easy | NewsJack Mackenroth, from the hit reality television series Project Runway, is visiting New Orleans for the 20th annual NO/AIDS Walk and is bringing Living Positive by Design, his national HIV education initiative, to the city. On September 20, Mackenroth participated in the AIDS Walk, which helps to support the NO/AIDS Task Force and several other Louisiana AIDS service organizations.

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The Living Positive by Design campaign seeks to help combat the stigma associated with HIV by engaging people in thoughtful conversations about the disease. The outreach effort is supported by Merck.

“I am proud to bring Living Positive by Design to New Orleans, a city whose positive outlook is an inspiration to people all over the United States,” said Mackenroth, who has been living with HIV for more than 20 years. “Living Positive by Design highlights the importance for people living with HIV to have a positive outlook on life while effectively managing their disease and works to combat the stigma still associated with HIV.”

In addition to Mackenroth, local HIV specialist Pedro L. Gonzalez, MD, also was available the weekend of the walk to discuss the current landscape of HIV treatment and research.

“Living Positive by Design educates people living with HIV about the importance of disease management to help maintain a good quality of life. People with HIV should work with their doctor to find a treatment regimen that can reduce the amount of virus in the blood to an undetectable level and help restore their immune system,” said Gonzalez. “Given all the treatment options that are available today, it is important that both the efficacy and tolerability of treatments be considered when choosing a regimen.”

In 2008, Mackenroth held Living Positive by Design events at the 2008 United States Conference on AIDS (USCA); in Atlanta at the Atlanta AIDS Walk; and in New York City at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis’s annual Fashion Forward fund-raiser. In 2009, Mackenroth brought Living Positive by Design to the Academy of Friends’ annual Academy Awards Night Gala in San Francisco; the AIDS Walk Houston in Houston; and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s Make a Statement: Design for the Cure event in Chicago.

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