Letter from a Positively Aware reader. So Amazing

Last fall I was on the cover of Positively Aware magazine. The cover story was about my HIV education campaign supported by Merck called Living Positive by Design.  I got an overwhelming response from the article but just this week I was sent a letter that was really moving from someone who was very sick with HIV but read the article and with support from others has restructured his life. It’s a great reminder to all of us who work in the HIV community that we do make a difference. I emailed him and with his permission I an posting the letter–I removed his name.  He is only 28.  It’s a call for many things–early treatment, universal health care, fighting the stigma of HIV. It also illustrates the need for  emotional support. I mean no disrespect to the Catholic religion. I am not Catholic and this is just one persons opinion. To Everyone–We are not in this alone. Sorry if it’s hard to read–multiple photocopies–but its worth it.


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  1. Jaime Falu Says:

    This letter is so moving, not only because he prevailed from thinking he was going to die, but because it strikes a chord with me. I was diagnosed in 1998 and since then, have seen a few people come and go, but I never thought that I would hear someone survive for 6 years, give up (so to speak) then re-emerge. My re-emergence took two years from when I was diagnosed. I went through the party phase. Destructive behavior. But then realized how important my life was to ME and the ones who truly loved me.

    I want to give this person who wrote this letter a BIG HUG, and reach out to him, and tell him that his family has gone through so much turmoil, but you guys are still ALIVE. The two uncles dying of AIDS! (My mother’s sister died of AIDS in 1992). He and I share a very similar story! My heart goes out. He does have brothers in this world who are here to support and love him if he doesn’t find it closer to home.

    I love that his family was there for him. I don’t know if I’m that lucky, but I would hope so if the time ever came.

    Please feel free to pass this info on to the person who wrote the letter. He can contact me if he wishes. I am an open book, a shoulder, a brother to him. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Jack! You’re an inspiration and light for others to follow. I love you for it!


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