Boyfriends Chase and Jordan’s prom update and photos.

Prom was fab!!! A gay time was had by all!!

I got this email from Leesa about her boys prom:

The boys had a great time last night and no one was mean or disrespected with them at all!!!  I will write you an update to go with these prom pictures, if you want.  I think it is important to put out there that even with everything that the community said, when it came right down to, everyone was respectful and not mean at all.  I am so proud of the way the community treated my boys!!!  See the adorable photos below. It just reminds me how much my prom sucked. I hope they had a blast.
This story has a fairly happy ending but I just want to mention that I did get some REALLY disturbing comments from “christians” who said we were all going to burn in hell. They are probably right except for I don’t believe in hell. Regardless–at least I will be tan. I didn’t post those comments because these are just kids and I didn’t think it was appropriate. Plus its always ironic that the worst hate speech comes from the bible thumpers.


Happily Ever After Prom, We Shall See!!

As many of you know, recently I had to contact the Starmount High School Principal, when she informed my son’s boyfriend, Chase, that he could not bring a same-sex date (Jordan) to his Senior Prom.  The school revised their policy shortly thereafter and made the decision to allow Jordan to attend Chase’s senior Prom as his date.
We agreed to do an interview with Fox8 news after they contacted us wanting to do a story about this, the reason we agreed was to offer hope to other GLBT teens who may find themselves in the same situation at their school.
Since that story aired, I have felt an extreme amount of disappointment in my fellow man and North Carolina neighbors.  Some of the comments that we have received about two gay boys attending the senior prom have been hateful, disheartening, and some have even been scary.
They have threatened to hold a separate prom so that their “straight students” aren’t exposed to Jordan and Chase’s gayness.  They have raised “holy” hell, preaching nonstop about the abomination of homosexuality and I have been told repeatedly, that not only, both boys, but myself included are going to hell.
Here are a few of my favorite hater comments:
•    starmountmom
North Wilkesboro, NC
Sunday Apr 18
I myself have a son who is a Senior at Starmount High. I really disagree with this and am now in the proces of trying to plan out an alternate plan to the prom. I have spoken with several parents and we all feel that if these two boys are allowed to go to prom that there may be trouble and we don’t want it to interfere with our children and their special night.

•    fed up
Jonesville, NC
Monday Apr 19
I am the parent of a student that will be a junior next year. There WILL be a PRIVATE prom next year for Starmount High students to attend by invitation only. The ballroom has already been reserved at a very nice hotel in the Elkin/Jonesville area and there will be a dj and all the catering and decorations. We will be contacting other parents if you’d like to help make this a truly special prom for your straight kids.I for one AM NOT too cowardly to stand up for what is RIGHT!

•    John
Mocksville, NC
Monday Apr 19
What the other students at Starmount High School should do is boycott the Prom. Let NO attend except these two. The school would be seen as caving in to the treat of being called into the ACLU. The mom in this instance, is looking for “attention” and publicity. It is common knowledge that she and her son plan to move to California after graduation this year. That is JUST the place to have these relationships.
•    Scam wrote:
It would be no different were it pedophiles, necrophiliacs,people who have sex with animals, showing up at the prom. Homosexuality is a sickness that no child should be exposed to. It certainly should not be taught that there is nothing wrong with it! Do you teach your children about the other perverted , degenerate things certain people CHOOSE to engage in? Sick world only being made sicker by telling sick people that they aren’t sick!

•    fed up wrote:
Lev 18:22 “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman;that is detestable.”
29 “Everyone who does these detestable things such persons must be cut off from their people.”
20:13 “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”
Rom 1;27 “In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.
32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.
1Cor 6:9 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?Do not be deceived:Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders.

You can see more of these comments at:

The main theme to all of these arguments is religion, many fail to realize that the same human and civil rights that give them their freedom of religion and their freedom of speech is the very same human and civil rights that prevents the barring of “same sex” prom dates or discrimination in any form for that matter.

I have pointed out the flaws in the religious argument on several occasions because many seem to pick and choose which verses of the bible they wish to uphold and which ones they ignore, (I do not see Christian’s fighting against divorced people getting remarried, even thought the bible clearly states it is an abomination) all to no avail, they dogmatically hold onto their view and preach hate, never realizing that just because they believe it does not make it so.

The Christian religion is not the only religion in the world, and not all Christian’s believe that homosexuality is wrong.   It is merely their opinion and while they may be entitled to their opinion and belief’s they cannot use those beliefs or opinions to dictate the lives of others they disagree with.  Separation of Church and State, Freedom of Religion, everything this country was built upon states very clearly that you cannot stomp on the human rights of others just because you believe differently from them or do not approve of their sexual orientation.

It is unclear, at this point in time, if Chase and Jordan are going to have their “Happily Ever After Prom”!  It is unclear if the other students will even attend this prom with two gay boys.  It is unclear what will be waiting for both of these boys when they get out of the care BUT one thing is absolutely, positively clear, Chase and Jordan will be attending this prom, they will show up, they will be together and they will face the hate and opposition they are facing head on.

SO sad. Just when you have hope that the country has changed for the better you are reminded we have far to go.



This is a testament to Jordan’s über cool parents, to Chase and Jordan for being so open and honest and to Starmount High School and Principal Parker for doing the right thing. I want to preface the following by stating that I mean no disrespect to the school or it’s administrators. I know that unfortunately this is still an issue and Chase, Jordan, Leesa and all others involved are doing their part to change it.

I have come to know Leesa Nixon, Jordan’s Mom, as the very supportive ‘FagHagMom’ on Twitter. We have never met but our virtual friendship over the past month has been endearing. She is clearly a role model for any parent of an LGBT child. She is unconditionally supportive.

So when her son’s boyfriend, Chase wanted to bring her son, Jordan to his senior prom and he was met with opposition from high school administrators, Leesa came to his defense. Bravo!!. We’ve heard this story several times this prom season with mixed outcomes. It’s a shame that these scenarios still have to involve attorneys, the HRC and the ACLU. We all recall the ongoing drama with Constance Mcmillen, the HRC and the fake prom? Gross.

It’s a dance for god’s sake. Is this a reincarnation of Footloose where no dancing has been replaced by no non-straights? Below is Leesa’s account of the victorious experience that made the high school examine their policy on same-sex prom dates. At the end of the article you can listen to the audio voicemail message left by principle Parker. She seems a bit nervous but I have to give her props for basically doing the right thing. Although they just changed the school policy so that anyone could bring a ‘guest’ and not call it a date as opposed to allowing same-sex dates, it’s still a step in the right direction. Nicely done. Congratulations to all parties involved!!!

Have a kick ass prom!! These boys are adorable BTW which is totally inappropriate for me to say.

Below article written by: Leesa Nixon–Jordans awesome mom!

Senior Prom that much-anticipated rite of passage for American youth.  The moment they wait for all school year, it is the signal that they have finally made it through 4 years of high school hell and in a very short time they will be adults, living on their own, conquering the world.

The dreaded question, “will you go to prom with me?” has been asked and answered, “Yes”.  What to wear has been argued about, discussed and finally agreed upon.  Transportation, check!  All the hard stuff has been addressed and they are all ready to go, right?


For Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transsexual teens, finding a date and something to wear to the prom is the easy part.  The hard part comes when school officials tell them that they cannot bring their same-sex date, or dress in a manner the school officials feel is inappropriate, “like wearing a tux if you’re a girl or a dress if you’re a boy.”

Take for example, the case of 17-year-old Chase, a student at Starmount High School in Booneville, North Carolina, who was called into the principal’s office April 6th.   The following is Chase’s account of what happened next.

“Today, April 6, 2010 I was called into the Principal’s office, I was unaware of the reason at the time. When I entered the office, Mrs. Parker was in the room, sitting at her desk and so was Mr. Samuel, the Vice Principal. Mr. Samuel was sitting in the corner of her office.   I went in and Mrs. Parker, the Principal, asked me to shut the door, which, I did.

Mrs. Parker then asked me to sit down, and I think I did, though I only remember standing, but I believe I sat down. Mrs. Parker then tells me, that she didn’t realize it until she looked at my permission form for prom again that I was planning to bring a boy to the prom or something like that, and then she informed me that I couldn’t bring a friend as my date.

Mrs. Parker stated, that it was because other people would want to bring friends and it’s a rule that they’ve had for a while now, that you could not bring friends to the prom. I informed Mrs. Parker that Jordan is not my friend, but my boyfriend and she replied that she knew my situation was different but she couldn’t let me bring him.

I then asked her, “why?”  And she replied that she knew my situation was different but if people saw me bring my “friend” then other guys would want to bring their, and I quote, “Home-Boys” to prom.  When I didn’t respond, Mrs. Parker then asked me if I had a “backup friend” a girlfriend to bring instead. I stated, “No, I won’t go” (Implying that I would not go if he couldn’t).

Mrs. Parker then asked me if I had already bought my prom ticket and I said no.  Then she said nothing else and neither did I, until I asked if I could go and she said that I could. I told her thank you and she said thank you and I left.

Mr. Samuel never said anything the entire time I was there; I believe he was there to ensure that the conversation did not get out of hand.

This is not a word-by-word account of the entire meeting.  But the “I know your situation is different” and “Other guys would want to bring their “homeboys” are exact quotes of what Mrs. Parker said to me.”

The discrimination that Chase was confronted with has been resolved.  I called and spoke with his principal and informed her that not allowing Chase to bring his boyfriend to the prom was discrimination and a violation of his constitutionally protected rights.  I threatened to call the ACLU, (which I did) and go to the media.

After our first conversation, I was contacted by Mrs. Parker, who informed me that she was waiting on the school attorney to call.

April 7th, Mrs. Parker left a message on my phone stating that she had spoken with the school attorney and that the school was going to allow Chase to bring my son Jordan to his Senior Prom “as his outside date” and that what they were going to have to do, was change the rule to allow students to bring a guest and not necessarily a “date”.

To be fair to Mrs. Parker, I got the distinct impression that she did not agree with this policy and was only trying to follow the rules that were in effect in her school district before she got there.  She immediately went to work and corrected the issue at hand.

I applaud Starmount High School for their quick actions, I brought this issue to their attention and in one day they not only changed their initial decision, they changed their policy to ensure that this would never happen again. Although they change their policy to state “guest” instead of “date”, it is still a step in the right direction and they should be admired for their willingness to change.   It is my hope that all schools would respond to these issues in such a fair and timely manner.

Thankfully Starmount High School did solve the problem very quickly, and decided to put a stop to this unfair treatment.   Unfortunately, other schools are not willing to resolve these issues and discrimination without being told do so by the courts.

The educators in these cases are teaching hate and intolerance to our nations children, the example they are setting with their treatment of these gay, lesbian, bi and transsexual children only enforces the view that these teens and all homosexual’s should be ostracized and denied the same fundamental rights as straight people.

How is America the land of the free, where all men are purportedly created equal supposed to achieve a society of fairness, equality and justice, when the very people charged with educating our children are behaving in such a discriminating manner?

There are laws and school rules that prohibit hate crimes, discrimination, bullying, and harassment, but when the very people who are in charge of enforcing those rules and laws, are guilty of breaking them, who protects these children from them?

** Special Note of Interest

There is currently a bill before Congress that would protect Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transsexual students from this very type of discrimination.  If you would like to take a stand against this discrimination, contact your Congressman/Woman and ask them to support and pass the Student Non-Discrimination Act

This bill, if passed, would “end discrimination based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in public schools, and for other purposes.”  You can read the entire bill at the link above.

I urge all of you to call Congress and voice your support of this bill.  If you are unsure of who to talk to you may visit the House of Representatives website at to find out who your Congressional Representative is.

Stop teaching hate, don’t discriminate. Celebrate!! Jordan and Chase have been dating since September 2008 and hope to get marry one day.

Listen to the message from Mrs. Parker here

ROCK ON LEESA!! Hope you boys have a great night. Shine on!


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  2. Jack!
    Thanks for sharing that story. Leesa is a shining example of a parent who has her childs back. What strength and compassion she shows. I do have to admit, that in todays climate, the school principal and lawyers acted quickly and positively.

  3. Great post and a great mom.
    Thanks for sharing this story.
    We need more of these examples of courage.

  4. Thank you for those awesome words, but honestly, I am just doing my job. A parent’s job is to love their children for who they are, not who they want them to be. I am proud of my children, it takes a lot of courage to be “out” at such a young age. Jordan has been out since he was 15, openly out, he is not ashamed to be who he is and my daughter, Mariah, is bi-sexual and has been out since she was 13. I am very proud of both of them, I could not ask for better children…they are the absolute best!

    Parenting is the hardest job in the world. You never know if you are doing it right, until they are grown and you see the adults they have become, but I can honestly say, that I must be doing something right because my children are not afraid to be who they really are. They are brave, proud, strong and caring!!! They are truly the greatest give I have even been given!!!

    And Chase, Jordan’s boyfriend is a part of my family. I love him so much! He is a wonderful person and I could not have picked a better person for my son to fall in love with, if I had made him myself!!!

    Jack: Thank you for posting this story, you are an incredible, loving person who has my upmost admiration and respect…Muah!

    • Thank you, Leesa,

      Your actions and your words have been a balm to my soul today. Though I live in a fairly open-minded place, it seems that every day I read about discrimination, fear and hatred–often perpetrated in one of the various names of God. It makes me feel helpless and weary and wonder how one small person like myself can make any difference in the world. You have reminded me that I CAN. Thank you for hope. 🙂

  5. Michael Brooks Says:

    I applaud this courageous Mom, and her son and his boyfriend. School Boards across the Nation needs some serious re-education concerning alll of us in the LGBT Community.

  6. […] teen Jordan Nixon and his boyfriend Chase have been allowed to attend their prom together at Starmount High School in Booneville, NC  after Jordan’s […]

  7. The world would be much a much better place if all kids had moms as loving and supportive of their children as Leesa. Well done!!

  8. Randy Shelton Says:

    outstanding.. baby steps but huge steps just the same.. One would think that other communities and/or schools would be just as fair as in Booneville! The hate and discrimination only further pushes young people to do the unthinkable or the WRONG choices.. anyone not living under a rock would know the high suicide incidences of teens dealing with these social issues.. Jesus said Love one another.. let him judge who is right and wrong! Again.. strong work to the principal of the school!

  9. What a fantastic mom! Everyone should be as lucky, to have love and unconditional support.

  10. Parker Rogers Says:

    I actually have tears in my eyes reading your wonderful story. The courage of those gentlemen and Leesa are so inspiring. It take alot of guts to stand up to school administration and be a proud gay teen. My hat is off to all of you.

    And Jack, thanks a mill for sharing

    • Chase I love you too…but we are so talking about your language later!!! jk

      I worry sometimes when you and Jordan go to the mall or out, that someone will hurt you or kill you too! Sometimes it is so hard for me to let you go, because I really am terrified of loosing you both. I want so much to protect your from the harm that is out there in this world directed at LBGT’s, but to do so would prevent you from living!

      Your words here touch me deeply, you mean the world to me! Now you have gone and made me cry…I will be getting even later!!! I love you, I am so glad you walked into our lives:)

  11. Just wondering why ‘guest’ is bad thing.
    I think it’s great if lonely kids also get to bring a friend along.
    Why should it have to be a date thing? If there’s less pressure about pairing off into nice little couples, they can relax, focus on exams, and have fun.
    So what if they bring their homeboys?

    Buy anyway, I’m glad they could go together. They look like a really sweet couple.

  12. wow this is toly awesome! thinkin of goin 2 my junior prom n i jes came out ..i don have a bf yet but i asked the vice principle n he said that were allowed 2 bring any date we choose as long as we wear formal clothes like a tux or dinner jacket so cool..guess i better get busy n find a date!

  13. Thanks for not being a parent who condemns their child for their feelings and actually being a parent. I can’t even image what would happen if a high school told a male child that they couldn’t bring a female date. I’m sure at the very least Fox News would be in an uproar and would say that the country is dead.

    Again, thanks again for standing up for your child and not forgetting that you are their protector and supporter.

  14. Congratulations! It’s hard to believe some fellow Americans feel they can dictate who people love.

  15. Thank you for this post. I hope that by the time my Darling Boy is old enough for prom this type of discrimination will be nothing but an ugly, distant memory.

  16. Benjie Tudtud Says:

    Thanks for showing the world what love is all about!..and not take the easier path of hate..

  17. Todd Eliot Says:

    Thank you for being a very good mom. I’m posting this to my Facebook page. Another young man in Georgia is also attending his prom with his boyfriend, so I’m glad Constance McMillen’s problems aren’t being repeated all over.

    Much love to all there. You’re all fantastic!

  18. GO MOM! This is an awesome story, and these boys are very lucky to have and know a mom that would whole heatedly stand up for their rights.

  19. Ron cathers Says:

    Good for you guys it made me happy to see that you stood up for your rights . Keep up the pride!

  20. Elizabeth Says:

    I have to reply because I’m one of Chase’s good friends. He linked me to this and I’m just so happy that he gets to go to prom with Jordan, they are so good together (and those pictures are so cute!). Leesa, I have never met you, but I’ve heard many good things about you from both Chase and Jordan. I’m also proud of my school, that this was fixed so quickly and easily, Starmount may not be perfect, but it can surprise even us alumni at times.

  21. Rogeer Howell Says:

    I agree this is a wonderful story about a gay kid taking his date the prom. I saw that while constance McMillan was mention it seems someone has let Derrick Martin of Cochran, Georgia slip through the cracks. As I know there was a rally this past Friday April 9th in Macon, Georgia. It took place in front of the City hall and I know this as I was one of the several hundred supporters that showed up to attend the rally. I also had my very supoprtive mother with me as she wanted to show her own support. the rally also made the front page of the April 1oth edition of our local paper, The Telegraph for the electronic edition. Thanks for posting my comment to your blog.

  22. Straight Grandmother Says:

    Wooo Hoooo! I hope the boys have fun at their prom. No doubt Constance McMillen, who suffered shame and huliliation at her fake prom had an impact on this school. I know it hurts Constance but YOU made life better for millions of LGBT teens all over America, even in Georgia. Great example of a mom who has her children’s back.

  23. I took my boyfriend to the prom back in 1999. I lived in a rural area of NY State. I was prepared to raise holy hell back in 99 after informing the principle of what I was going to do. i was allowed to go and also guaranteed that I would be safe. The funny thing is that in he four years before I never felt safe from the bullying. I guess once I mustered up the courage to tell the admin what I was GOING to do (take my boyfriend to the prom) they seemed to realize they pretty much had to say yes… The prom went perfectly and I still have all the pictures of course. I didn’t experience any negatively except for one guy who came out 2 years later.

    Love it…..

  24. Just FYI, HRC has had NOTHING to do with Constance McMillen’s case… except sending out a fundraising e-mail with her name in it. ACLU did all the work, HRC is just trying to raise money off that poor girl…

  25. Wishing you guys a fun prom…

  26. Racy_Chasey Says:

    I am afraid sometimes that ill get killed, or hurt. However most of the time being gay and out is easy. For me as long as the hurting they do is verbal i am fine. I love it when people talk about me being queer or c*** sucker, they can say all they want to but most of them are probably either A: queer themselves, or B: driving a big truck we all know what a big truck meens right? So as long as im not physically hurt being out is not that hard. Especially with Lisa on your side!

    I do love Lisa by the way, bc without her well suing a school wouldnt have been easy on my own, and thanx to her and Jordan the moment my principle said i couldnt go i couldnt help but smile a little bc i knew from the moment the words came out of her mouth that yay i get to sue, only poo i didn’t and that’s OK at least it shows they knew they would have to change it. I do not like my principle, she lies and does not care about the students as much as she should. But she did not fight against this it was simple and easy. Of course none of it would have happened at least not that fast if it wasn’t for Lisa she is the only mother I have. I have a stepmother but she is not a mother, she has been mean and kind even about me being gay if it wasn’t for my stepmother then my dad may have kicked me out of the house. I don’t have a father who cares about me. He was going to do nothing, he wanted them to kick me out of prom. And my real mother is dead, for a very long time now, but Lisa is not dead she is alive, and she is more of a mother or even a parent than anyone I have had since my real mother died. Well my grandpaw too but he’s not really a parent just the perfect grandparent. He doesn’t know I am gay. I think every gay person has at least 1 person they don’t want to know. Anyway Lisa is a great mother, to her children and to children that aren’t hers. I love her as though I came out of her Vi J J but im glad i didn’t bc i love Jordan too much for that to have happened!

  27. I totally know Chase, way to go!

  28. Thanks to everyone who is finally pursuing the rights of all individuals in this country to pursue what is right and happy for them. My generation of th 50s and 60s never got it.

  29. Arturo Beeche Says:

    Dear Leesa…thanks for the support and advice…you are one of my new heroines…hope to see you in May!

    Let me know how it all works out with the kids…I’m planning to keep u in the loop about mine two lovebirds!

    Kisses and Love, Arturo

  30. Oh my god! That last line about the boys hoping to get married is so sweet! Good luck to them! As for the school it’s bitter/sweet…it’s good that they did something To improve the situation but still referring to them as friends when they know they’re a couple and changing it to “a guest” it’s just stupid. It would have saved them the trouble of changing rules if they had accepted that Chase was taking his boyfriend as his date.

  31. Arturo Beeche Says:

    It never ceases to amaze how ignorance shrouds itself in religious bigotry to produce such a deadly mix.

    Two weeks ago in Cochran, GA, the skies did not fall…no kids were “infected” with any gay genes, no divine thunder was heaped on anyone after Derrick Martin and Richard Goodman attended Prom together.

    Instead, as the kids exited the car I drove, they were received by clapping and cheering…obvious votes of support. The ignorants remained away surely praying for some malevolent outcome…but their prayers fell on deaf ears as that day love, God’s greatest gift to us all, triumphed.

    Jordan and Chase…you go on with your plans…have a great time…but more importantly exercise your constitutionally given rights and let not the ignorantd rob you of your humanity, your fee will, your right to be happy. We stand in unison behind you today, tomorrow, forever!

  32. I wish that every GLBT kid could have a mom as awesome as you, Leesa. Sticking up for your child and his boyfriend is a testament to your great parenting.

    The high school prom is an American right-of-passage. I hope that Jordan and Chase enjoy it.

  33. Jonathan Says:

    To Leesa:

    Your son has already had the gift of a lifetime. You’e the best mother ever, and I’m certain your son knows that. I read your blog and was amazed with your courage and kindness. You should write a book for other mothers with gay kids.

    I hope the best for your son, it’s hard to look through the eyes of your child and see how many will suspend reason and allow their fear and ignorance to overwhelm them and use God as the excuse.

    I think you are an awesome Mom. Move to California, we are enlightened in the Bay Area.

  34. Atalanta Says:

    In a country supposedly committed to religious tolerance, it is appalling that some parents are using their interpretation of their holy book to promote hatred and division.

    Besides, as many people pointed out after Constance McMillen’s classmates held a private ‘hate prom’, which prom would Jesus have gone to? Clue – I suspect it would NOT have been the one which excluded students with learning difficulties.

    It is very sad that some parents want to organize a hate prom in your community, using their religion in an attempt to justify very un-Christian exclusion. There is a great organization called Faith in America ( which campaigns against ‘religion-based bigotry’. You may find some of their resources useful in rebutting the arguments of these hate-mongers.

  35. Please contact Safe Schools NC at if you would like any assistance with the prom or any other school-related issue.

  36. Most likely the other kids in school don’t care… It’s their parents that are making the fuss. Sure there is a few kids that will call names, but from my experience, they are gay, or bi.

  37. I find it sad that gays and lesbians cannot bring their partners to their senior prom. ALL seniors should be allowed to go to the prom, regardless of anything. Maybe someday things will change, but as for now administrators at schools are at fault for descrimination.

  38. David Brown Says:

    Leesa, Thanks for support the boys not to many parents do. For the parents at the high school they know gay community is a lot bigger then they thank we are all around even in there back yards.

  39. Thank you for standing behind your son….I am a retired teacher and you get the gold star (and so do the boys) for standing up to this type of stuff that should have been over in the 1890’s let alone 2010…my compliments!

    Too bad your “NC neighbors” don’t try to figure out how to help include kids…what is going to happen if (gasp) one of their’s turns out to be Gay? OH OH!

  40. Very courageous boys and super cool parents. I am upset to hear that many of the good people of NC are angry about this. It only goes to show you the ignorance that people still have about this issue, even in the 21st century.

    Stand up for your rights as human beings. Have a good time, but please, please realize that if something does go wrong at the prom… if some ignorant idiot tries to get a physical confrontation going… it is easier to walk away than to fight it out. You both have already won.

    I’m very proud of both of you for standing up and being counted. Congratulations and good luck.


  41. Marlon Hartshorn Says:

    I came out in 1985 in a small town in Texas so I know the feelings you are going through! It’s so much easier nowadays. What a great post! The people who speak of religion or quote Bible verses are hateful & mean people. Just avoid them or ignore them. Love conquers all and things really do work out for the best. I wish you both much love and good times! Marlon

  42. DaSupergirlJordo Says:

    I really hope they get to go to prom! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  43. Tonight is the night!!!

  44. You are awesome. I’m so glad that you’re standing up like this.
    God bless you!
    I hope you have the best prom ever.

  45. mary wall Says:

    Leah you are the most wonderful mother in the world. Not. Leah you have to have attention all the time but I think it is a shame you have to use 2 young boys to get it. My grandson is only 17 do you not know know how much trouble you can get into by having him on the news? Well I have already checked on that and believe me you are not the best of anything. Chase knows knows right from wrong and someday will go back to the right way.

    • You know Mary people like you is what causes a lot of kids to make the sad choice of committing suicide. I believe if I remember my Bible correctly the verse goes something like, Judge not, lest ye be judged. These kids are not making a choice to be gay it is part of of the biological make-up of every human being rather straight or gay. Did you choose to be straight Mary? I am so glad I working with the wonderful group Faith in America over at Facebook to end Religious based bigotry and hatred. Boys you did the right thing and I applaud as I am sure the rest of the LGBT community does.

    • You act like your opinion matters to me. For are you not the same person who called my 12 year old daughter a whore and told my son and all my children they were going to hell. Was it not you who called my phone last week and left another of your hateful messages?

      You are in my opinion a mean and hateful person whose opinion does not matter at all!

      Furthermore, You should be ashamed of yourself for turning your back on “your grandson” and failing to love and support him just the way he is! If I acted like this toward my own flesh and blood I would be too ashamed to even admit it or show my face. You want everyone to know that you do not support Chase in his stance against the school, well they know and now see clearly exactly what he has to go through at home. Shame on you for the way you have treated this awesome person! You are missing so much because of your close-minded attitude.

      It is not too late for you to stop this treatment of your grandson and love and support him just the way he is. So many Gay, lesbian, Bi and Transgender teenagers commit suicide because of the way their families treat them, I do not want Chase to walk down that road. Ask yourself if you could live with that? Imagine your life without him in it and maybe it will open your heart, so that you can truly experience unconditional love and give it freely to him because he deserves to be loved completely, unbiasedly, and openly by his family just the way he is.

      You can change, you can love him unconditionally and accept him just the way he is. Just remember you cannot get these years back, every time you hurt him, for you are hurting him, you push him further and further away from you.

      Sadly if the fact that you are causing him pain does not open your eyes to the error of your ways, then nothing will. I hope that you can, for Chases sake, see that the issue in this situation is not Chase, for he is the same as he has always been…it is you, his family that has changed, you have change the way you treat him and love him, from the moment he told you he was gay, you have changed for the worse!

      I did not do this for attention, I did this for equality. Chase has just as much right to attend prom as any other student in that school with the date of his choice! By denying him that, the school was discriminating against him and breaking the law. I stood up for Chase and his rights, because his family would not. You should be ashamed of yourself, because the saddest part of this whole story is how you treat your own flesh and blood.

      Yes Chase does know right from wrong so he is very aware that the treatment and non-support of his family is wrong.

      Chase is the “right way” he is a strong, wonderful, intelligent soon to be adult, who just happens to be gay. He is exactly who he was meant to be in this life and there is nothing wrong with him.

      Of course you are too blind to see the pain you have caused your grandson and what he has suffered because of the CHOICE you have made not to support him and love him as he is!

      …and while I may not be a perfect mom, because no one is, I am good mother with a capacity for love that you would never understand! I love both of these boys unconditionally, just the way they are, and while you may be able to sit back and watch them be discriminated against because of their sexuality, I am not.

    • Kudos to Lisa!

      Mary, oh Mary. You should actually thank Leesa and her quick action to fight for equality as well as to DO THE RIGHT THING. Stop blaming her just because you cannot do that for ‘your Grandson’.

      You stand to believe that the path Chase is going down is wrong, and why so? Because the Bible says so, or because you just think it is wrong? By reading the so many replies by the so many reply-ees, you should know better that it is the biological built-up of the human genes. BUT, you still chose not to believe the scientifically proven case – LGBT aren’t something you choose, you are born with it.

      Do not tell me that you have no other gay relatives apart from Chase when you were growing up? Exercise your brain by thinking through all the years of your life until today. You might have just pushed them aside like how you do it to Chase.

      You can’t blame a mother like Leesa who is willing to fight not only for her children but also for someone like Chase who has no family member to stand up for him when he is facing such a crisis – when he needed the support of his family the most.

      We are not long living in an era whereby homosexuality is condemned. We have forgone that era and moved forward, so much so for you if you actually treasure the family tie – you and Chase. An era of acceptable, I would say.

      We all know that we can’t choose our family, but in this time and day, we can opt to move on without our family but with other loved ones like close friends. That it what I think would suit Chase best to leave a family full of hatred and unreceiving because it is not worth it, if all continues. For him to face the world is difficult, but for him to turn back and still see that his family is no longer behind him is even more difficult.

      Last but not least, try putting yourself in his shoes and think like ‘your Grandson’ for maybe 10 minutes? Would you like your family to treat you that way? Would you like to be back in a home where it is no longer a home – seeing everyone is against you and no one cares? What would you feel if all family members pushes you away just because you are being honest to them and would like some support from them?!

      I rest my case with you now, Mary. Open up your heart and it would make your day a better day, and your life a better life.

      Keep up the good work, Ms Mommy! Told you before that you are an ispiration to the many Mothers out there. And your doings have caught my attention from DownUnder – yes, Australia.

    • Arturo Beeche Says:

      Mrs Wall…

      It is with much pain that I write to you…but allow me the leniency since you have spoken with such anger…

      Chase was born the way he is. If God wanted us to be all the same, why Mrs. Wall would he make us so different?

      What is the “right way,” kind lady? Is it hitting our kids because you do not understand them? Is it belittling them because in one’s intemperance and frustration one cannot comprehend why they are different? Is it slapping them into becoming clones of ourselves?

      If we wish to raise our children with values…we don’t have the launch empty threats dear lady…no…not at all…we have to love them, give them the necessary tools so they can achieve their full potential…and shower them with love…and love is a funny thing ma’am…love is free, love is unconditional, love is non-judgmental…Christ, and I assume that you follow his teachings…never said anything against gay people…but he said plenty against pharisees, false prophets and those who judge others. Are you his follower then?

      Your misunderstanding of Christ’s deep love for his fellow man is truly sad. Faux Christians (faux = false) rely on the nastiness and hatred amply found in Leviticus to give a religious foundation to their baseless ideas of how society should be run. The Apostle Paul was a very angry man – he had a right to be upset given how the early Christians were treated…but why only focus on what he says about homosexuals? Why do you choose to to use him against your own flesh and blood, while at the same time choosing to ignore what the Bible tells us about divorce, for example…or not living with your husband under the same roof? Or getting on the phone and leaving obscene messages or insulting children by calling them names. Is that Christian behavior, kind lady?

      These days Gays are the punching bag of an increasingly fringe group of people who utilize Christianity to give faux backing to their own social shortcomings. For example, the overwhelming majority of “moralist” leaders in this country have made a mockery of marriage by treating the institution with utter disdain and disregard. yet…you blame the “gays” for wanting to uphold the same institution that your own leadership of pharisees desecrates?

      Come on, Mrs Wall, respectfully dear, kind lady…wake up…through your actions, and no one else’s, you are letting the life of an amazing child slip through your fingers. You are responsible for your own actions, not Ms. Nixon, whose only sin is to love Chase as if he were her own son. Since when is love a sin? Hate is, kind lady, hate certainly is!

      Give yourself some thinking time…it does the mind much good…and look around…Chase is an amazing child, sweet, funny, loving…should you not be trying to make life better for him instead of judging him?

      As the parent of a 13 year old…I am flabbergasted by how awful Chase’s situation is when it comes to dealing with his family. I had to take nearly two years of classes before the state allowed my husband and I the opportunity to provide our son with a safe environment…and it pains me when I say biological parents dispose of their children non-chalantly…and then wonder why THE children failed them…?

      You have a responsibility in God’s kingdom…to love your grandson without strings…now be a good Christian woman and start doing so, before it is too ate for you…the clock is ticking Mrs. Wall, the clock is ticking…and God is watching kind lady…he is watching you…

      Arturo Beéche

  46. DA Nelson Says:

    It is unfortunate that some parents have a closed mind about something that has been and will be forever. I am glad that you fought for your son. Denying any child of their prom is unacceptable to a country where our founding fathers said all man shall be created equal. I support what you did and I am sure there are millions of others who support you. I am glad they went to the prom and will pray for those who are bigoted and unable to accept people for who they are… Unfortunately, those who have stated you will go to “hell” will find themselves their for the hatred they have for another. God loves everyone no matter of race, sex, sexual preference. You will have a one way ticket to heaven for your unconditional love of your son. This has made my day, knowing that you love your son enough to accept him and fight for him. You are a great mother. Thank you on behalf of all of us in the world who applaud you for what you did for your son. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thanks for sharing this story as well. I hope it will inspire other parents to support their children no matter what…

  47. Dear Chase and Jordan:

    I am so proud of you two. Doing the right thing is never the easy thing to do. You must always remember that you are surrounded by light and love, not only from your family and friends, but by ordinary, everyday people from all over the world who stand with you.

    Please remember that anger is nothing more than fear announced. Those who live in the shadows are afraid of the light. So let them have their tantrums like children. One day, perhaps not even in this lifetime, they will see that God’s Heaven is grand enough for us all.

  48. Wow… Where were the moms like you when I was in high school? (well that was like 100 years ago so that’s not really a fair question – the times were just so different).

    Anyway, this totally made my day. Thanks for being such cool, stand-up people.

  49. Kudos to you all…especially Leesa. We have come a long way since I graduated High School, but we still have a ways to go.

    People like you keep the cause going. BRAVO!

  50. pinkydo75 Says:

    WOW!!! Mary you should be so ashamed of yourself! How in the world can you treat your grandson like this? It is hateful people like you that should not be allowed to reproduce!! It sounds to me like Chase is the ONLY good thing that came from you reproducing! It is family members like you that push LGBT teens to suicide. I have only known Leesa, Chase and Jordan for a short time, but I can tell you this: She deserves Mother of the Year!!! She fought for Chase when his family turned their backs and when he needed you the most. You shouldn’t be allowed to call yourself a Grandmother!

  51. The boys are so cute. I just want to pinch their widdle cheeks. I also have to say, that if I had been in high school with them, I probably would have had a HUGE crush on them both.

    I am glad they had a wonderful prom. I wish them both a wonderful life full of peace, love and happiness.

  52. Patrick Says:

    I couldn’t be happier for Jordan and Chase, and Leesa —- what a terrific Mom.

    Thanks to all of you for having the courage to stand up and do what’s right.

  53. michael Says:

    I myself do not see the big deal. Same sex relationships have been happening all over the world since the beginning of mans existence. Romans, Egyptians, even religious crusaders have been know to have same sex relationships. while i myself am not gay, i do believe it is okay to be gay. All the people who are saying these rude things are just unable to adapt and evolve with today’s world. It was the same when native Americans, and African Americans began fighting for their rights. there is always going to be haters that can never except new things, only what their cult oops… i mean church tells them is right.

  54. Nathan Slabbert Says:

    Wow. I was really taken aback by this post. I’m from South Africa, and back in 2005, when it was time for my prom, something similar nearly happened to me. I requested to take a guy as my date, and when told that it was not allowed, I refused to be told no. I stood my ground and made them change their ‘rules’. I didn’t even take a guy with me (I only met my fiance in 2007, so I took a ‘girl’ friend), but I had to prove a point. There was no way I would allow such stupid rules to remain in a democratic country. I battle to comprehend how people can be so blatantly narrow-minded, and then still be allowed to get away with it. What really gets me going is when religion is used an excuse for hatred. Above all things, I was under the impression that Christianity taught love, tolerance and respect. It also shocks that these disgusting injustices take place in first world countries. South Africa is still a teeny weeny third world country, but at very least, our sexual orientations are protected by our constitution. I am extremely proud of Chase and Jordan, and can only hope that other LGBT kids follow suit and stand up for what they deserve – EQUALITY!

  55. My husband who left this comment has lived a life of discrimination because he was gay and had bipolar disorder. He always tried to encourage young people to accept who they are but the trauma from his own childhood finally caught up with him last week and he killed himself.

    Guys keep the good fight up because you are an inspiration to all of us and I thank you for making my husband smile before I lost him.

    Best of Luck to both of you and your families.

    • Chip:

      I am so terribly sorry for your loss I regret that there are no words that I can say to ease the pain you must be feeling. I am here for you if you need someone to talk to.

      My email is I also sent you a request on facebook.

      With much love,


    • Nathan Slabbert Says:

      So sorry to hear that Chip. I can only offer condolences, although they cannot take away the hurt. These boys really are an inspiration, as are their uber-moms. Much love.

  56. I just had a chance to take a look at the pics from the prom. They are a very photogenic couple. It helps that they are very handsome young men as well. I love their outfits as well. The two colors meshed together very nicely. As an update the two guys Derrick and Richard were able to attend the prom of Derrik’s boyfriend Richard Goodman in Tifton, Georgia where he attends high school. Thank God that more and more people are being tolerant of gays attending different events in their lifetime.

  57. That is the most awesome thing I have ever heard! I am discriminated against in my classes because I am bi. I’m soo glad they might pass a law! Thank you Leesa! I think that is the greatist thing some one can do. Stand up for our right’s as humans. I hope Chase and Jordan had a great night! I love you for enlightening me with this story so I can know Some thing IS being done for our rights. Thank you and have a pleasant day!

    • If you are in NC, they passed an LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying and anti-harassment law 11 months ago. There hasn’t been much pr on it and some teachers don’t even know their legal responsibilities. If you’re outside of NC, it doesn’t really matter. The Dept. of Justice has helped a bullied gay student in a federal law suit against his school. If you’d like suggestions on how to address it, feel free to contact me.

  58. Krissie Says:

    More power to this mom! 🙂 There’s to much hate in this world and not nearly enough love.

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