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20 Responses to “Comments”

  1. David Lewis Says:

    Just wanted to wish you “Good luck” from your fans in Denver, CO!

  2. Hey man, my partner and I swam against you in a swim meet in DC,we were from the Miami swim team, it was the gay masters swim meet, I think two years ago. Well we just wanted to say it was awesome to see you on project runway!!!! We wish you the best luck man!!!

  3. Glad to hear your ok now and am very impressed that you are as honest and truthful as you are. I was in the hospital 2 times for MRSA (same deal as you with the needle IV 2x’s a day for 5 days) but luckily that was over 3 years ago and I haven’t had any problems since. Anyway take care of yourself! We need more people in the world like you. Happy Holidays!!!

  4. Hey Jack – I was so sad to see you leave Project Runway lastnight. I know you can’t take any chances when it comes to your health, especially with you already being sick. I believe you had a great chance at winning in the end. You are very talented and I wish you the very best with your career and your health. You are an inspiration to everyone who is HIV Positive and thinks their life is over. Take care, Lisa

  5. Was reading your Me and Dale blog, and I want to thank you for clearing up the misconceptions about one partner being poz and the other negative. Me and and my partner have been in a relationship for 9 years, I’m the one who is negative, when people find this out about us, they’re always kind of shocked and surprised, as if there was no way it could work or the fact that after 9 years I’m still negative. I think the fact that both of you are now “celebrities” it’s a great way to show that it can work.

    Continued success in the future and happy holi-daze!!

  6. Jack,
    Just wanted to say that you can count me among those who are fans. I found out last year that I was hiv positive and seeing people like you – who are honest, hopeful and living a full life – is so encouraging to me. Even though hiv isn’t the same thing it was years ago – and almost all the news is encouraging about the treatment – It’s still so hard to fight the fears that anyone who’s been around the past twenty years feels when they first find out. No matter how many people explain that it’s a very manageable condition, nothing helps like seeing an actual example of just how that is true. I’ve been pretty closeted most of my life and I don’t think I could be as brave as you are about being yourself. Because of their background, I don’t feel comfortable telling my family about my status, so it makes it more difficult dealing with it alone. Keep doing great things because people are watching – and I don’t think you know how much it really does help people just to see that example. It’s really helped me and encouraged me. Thanks so much! 🙂

  7. Jack–so glad to hear you’re doing good. Congrats on the Jack/Dale thing–reality TV gayman’s wet dream!! IF you ever need tips on HIV/non-HIV romancing get in touch–been poz 20yrs, dated to HIV neg guys for more than 7 yrs each–no sweat…Stay hot sweet man–hope to see you back on the runway sometime

  8. Dear Jack. I can’t adequately express how disappointed I was that you’re off the show. This is not to say I don’t completely understand, it’s just I’m going to miss you. I understand that PR is a TV show, that it’s somewhat scripted (through editing). But you were a joy to watch and to cheer for. It’s enough to be “offed” by the judges, but to deal with that as well as medical problems just reeks of “unfair.” Life isn’t fair, I know but I just felt horrible.

    You seem to be taking this better than I am, LOL. I realize that more time has passed (since the show is taped) and you’ve had time to process.

    Anyway, I just wanted to touch base, offer my support (for what it’s worth) and wish you luck. (Say, “Hi” to Dale for me, please. He was my pick to win on Top Chef!!!)


  9. Jack-

    I am so incredibly sad that you had to leave Project Runway. I do suspect that you’ll be back on the show (next season?) and that whether or not you’re ever involved with the show, your personal and professional sense of style will bring you assloads of success.



    p.s. I really hoped you’d beat Christian’s ass on the runway. 🙂

  10. Hi Jack,
    Just wanted to see how you were doing after having to leave Project Runway, and I’m happy things turned out okay for you. I think it was really courageous for you to be so upfront about the MRSA and the need to leave to take care of yourself. Also the fact that you’re so open about your HIV status, and that it had no bearing on the MRSA will hopefully further educate people. Having to defend my baby brother (who happens to be gay) for so long, I see the ignorance all too often…
    I do hope we see you again on the show, as you and Christian are (not “were”) my faves! Loads of talent there!
    And oddly enough, I was pulling for Dale on Top Chef…good to know you two found each other!
    Good luck!

  11. Hey man, sorry to see you go – not a fair turn of events, but your health is everything and you needed to do what you needed to do.

    You’ve made a bigger impression on this world by living openly and honestly. As an HIV+ guy I find it tough to be really open about it with my family and friends. I feel like HIV is such an ugly, unpopular disease – if I had cancer or diabetes then other people could relate – but HIV is different. People are biased and they don’t understand what we go through emotionally, physically, etc. I just want to thank you for being a fantastic role model – your efforts are helping me not be afraid to tell people about my own status. Hopefully, they will accept me and not see me as a sick person or someone they should feel sorry for. Lastly, my final gripe – the gay community – we are our own worst enemies – the negative guys want nothing to do with someone who is positive. People can really suck, ya know…

  12. Jack,

    You popped into my my mind this morning when I woke up (and not in the way some might think, lol).

    After reading about you and Dale, and peoples concerns about your different HIV Status (I didn’t know anything about this until this morning).

    But like you I am a gay male and have been positive for 17 years. I had a wonderful husband (damit I got diamonds from both of my husbands so that makes us married, no matter what anyone else says, lol) for 10 years that passed from cancer, but was negative from the time I met him until the time he passed from the cancer.

    I have a wonderfull husband now that has been negative for the four years we have been together. I told both of them my status the first night I met both of them, and with both we were together from that moment on. What can I say, I have been blessed.

    You and Dale are in the public eye, and getting a life started together is hard enough as it is. Let alone with everything else you two are dealing with.

    Just know that you have supporters out here that you no nothing about who are very proud of you and the image you portray (tell Dale thats for him too. My husband and I are big fans of his as well).

    I know this is long, and you might not even read it. But hey its my first blog post I actually could have made it longer.

    Good luck to you and Dale both!

    Your friend in Houston!

    Mac (OK. OK. and my Husband Omar. Husbands are such a pain when they read over your sholder. lol)

  13. Hello Jack. Look I was on PRGay today and I really don’t think you deserved some of the barbs that were hurled at you. I think some of the stuff you said was a little harsh, but hey, it sells. Anyway, I don’t wish you any ill at all and I refuse to judge people I don’t know. Keep on being who you are and enjoy every day of your life.


    P.S. Do you think you could add me on myspace? I think my page is being a little wonky and not letting me add people. Here’s my site.

  14. i just voted for you…we masters swimmers have to stick together…good luck bud…much love and peace, cliff

  15. hey Jack
    OMG i saw you on project runway (you are so beautiful) anyway i cant believe you have to leave you were my favourite from the beginning!!!
    i am only 14 and i am openly gay and i also love doing sports and you really broke down the stereo-types at my school!!!
    so thank you i dont know what else to say but i am just so excited that you might actually read this yay if you do i will be the happiest man alive anyway gotta go but before i do i wanted to ask you a favour it would really mean a lot to me if you could reply to this message through any means if you could e-mail me it would be AWESOME its thanks i cant wait mwa mwa =)

  16. Jack, you are a fantastic friend with big ol’ boobies.

  17. Was that you on Law & Order SVU last night?? Best looking corpse I ever saw 🙂

  18. holaaaaaaaa sos muy lindo!!saludos desde argentina

  19. JACK,

  20. Richard II Says:

    Greetings, Jack!

    Peace & Everything Good! Wow! I was reading your article the other day and I loved it! I wanted to say you are a Beacon of Hope to all of us in the admist of our storms.

    I know your are a busy man. But I hope someday you will read this. I never did blogging before, just e-mails or mailing letters. Yeah, the old fashion way. Smile!

    I am a 28 year old from San Antonio, Tx. I read your article in the magazine, “Positively Aware,” and loved it. I seriously got the wake up call when I read your article.

    Please continue spreading the message of hope. Your are truly an angel bringing light, and hope to us. I actually hung up your picture on my wall. Talk about, “Julie & Julia.” Lol!

    I am now your biggest fan and your message continues to echo in my life. And Yes, You are my Beacon of Light, dear friend!

    Take care buddy and continue shining! Until next time, your biggest fan, Richard II

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